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Pushing Your Limits

BoxFit101 is boxing training for people of all ages and abilities. Head coach Dan Fernandez aims to inspire people to participate in boxing and help them reach their goals.

Whether you want to improve your fitness, lose weight, gain strength and speed, boxing technique, or just have fun – BoxFit101 can help.

Dan will use various different boxing routines and drills to get you to your goal.

Sessions with the Experts

Personal Training

Dan is a Level 3 qualified personal trainer. He can help with strength work, weight loss and general fitness improvement. This can all be achieved through Dan’s programmed weight training sessions combined with boxing pad and bag work.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are a mixture of contact and semi contact boxing. These vigorous sessions will put you through your paces using shadow boxing techniques and footwork drills. Also included in these sessions are partnered pad work combinations and bag work. Circuits and HIIT training are a big part of these sessions. Senior sessions are from year 14 plus, and junior sessions are from ages 7-13.

Seniors £10 & Juniors £5


Covid Secure 45 minute boxing blast from the comfort of your own home or workplace. These sessions will include shadow boxing, body weight exercises and focus mitt simulations.

Master Class

Dan has been involved in the boxing world since the age of 10 with over 30 competitions under his belt. Competing at both county and national level. These sessions are purely boxing based. Looking deep into technique and footwork. How you attack and defend are key components of these sessions.

Find Your Perfect Workout


6:00pm – Mixed Adults
7:00pm – Mixed Adults


6:00pm – Female Adults
7:00pm – Mixed Adults


5:00pm – Juniors 7 yrs+
6:00pm – Mixed Adults


6:00pm – Mixed Adults
7:00pm – Mixed Adults


5:00pm – Juniors 7 yrs+
6:00pm – Mixed Adults


9:00am – Female Adults
10:00am – Mixed Adults
11:00am – Juniors 7 yrs+

Reach Up & Reach Out!

Please email, phone or message Dan to book your session.

Dan Fernandez (Head Coach)